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Thursday, November 22, 2012

on the other hand

How to Achive and Maintain a Healthy, Sexy Body
In a world where slim, slender, and sexy are the standards of the society,5819 Ugg Classic Cardy Black Boots, obesity has no place. From television programs, commercials, and product advertisements to magazine features, billboards, and internet pop-ups, you won't be able to find men unpacked with biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles nor women with vital statistics other than 36-24-36.
How strange society can be! It dictates what is wrong and what is right, what is proper and what is not that if you feel you don't belong to the "in" crowd, how sad and low can you be? People judge other people with no reasonable bases making the discriminated ones feel left out and unwanted,while many would receive their degrees.
As sensitive people who belong to such unfriendly societies, we get affected by cold treatments and pathetic stares. But we can't let anybody make us feel inferior to them anytime. We were all created equal. Thus, we deserve to be feeling what they are feeling, to be doing what they are doing, and to be living how they are living in this strange world.
But reality check: how can we feel, do, and live the way other people do if there really is something that hinders us?
I used to be fat myself when I was young. Somehow, I felt inferior and caused me to envy a lot of people. I started wondering, why can't my crush notice me? Or why can't I join popularity contests? Is it really because of my physical attributes, particularly my body weight and figure? It's sad to see that my slim friends and classmates got to have whatever they like while I couldn't. Indeed, it was because I was fat, and they are not,loving kindness.. Even though the effects of my disorder was purely psychological and didn't bring any other biological problems, still it was unhappy and unhealthy.
As time passed by, I realized that I don't want to be left out. Instead, I want to be noticed and recognized. I want to feel happy, healthy, and satisfied. Thus, I made an effort to lose weight and get rid of excess fats in my body. Thankfully, with an ounce of willingness, a cup of patience, and a spoon of determination, I was able to achieve what once was only a dream. Such comments like "You look slimmer," or "Have you lost weight? Tell me your secret," was really music to my ears.
I have traveled the path of overweight and unhappiness in a single journey; it wasn't really a smooth ride a trip not worth remembering. But, on the other hand, without that experience, I wouldn't have been in my position now happy and contented, the real richness in the world.
I have used self-hypnosis to make sure my mind reinforced what my body needed to do. It was really amazing setting up my mind to 'control' what I wanted to achieve. I understood the importance of setting realisable and achieveable goals, and then by a simple process of repetition, programmed muy mind to anticipate success - and it worked.
Thus, if I can do it, so can you. I don't want any other people to feel what I felt before unwanted, alone, and taken for granted. Or worse, might even suffer from complications and other illnesses. Being fat, overweight, or obese is unhealthy, both in the mind and in the body. We know it. We've been there, right? Now, come with me to a journey where we can change not only our body size, weight, and figure, but our lives as well,symbolic mind. There's nothing more wonderful than being able to do what you want to do or to go where you'd like you go. That is real happiness and contentment. And like me, you too can achieve it.
In a world where slim, slender, and sexy are the standards of the society, obesity has to go. So, let's go terminate it!

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